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 Cladding Technology

The Preferred

"Green Cladding Techn0logy"

SURE-SHIELD CONCRETE RESURFACING used in the surface finish for the Global
Green Tech Structures Steel Insulated Panels. SureCrete is a single component
decorative finish system consisting of pre-blended white cement, aggregate
polymers. Spray or Trowel onto: Concrete, Concrete Blocks, Brick and many other

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 SureCrete is a unique cement based cladding system designed to....

  • Increase Strength and Stability to an Exterior or Interior Envelope.
  • (Eliminate Cracks, Discoloration, and LEAKS!
  • Sustains under extreme Hurricane and Earthquake conditions'
  • (Extensively Tested and Approved!)
  • Replace the traditional synthetic stucco system with a GREEN SOLUTION!


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