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About Us

For over 40 years, Mr. Baker has devoted his entire career and energy to real estate development and construction. Construction and hard work has always been in his blood. After meeting Luther Dickens, an inventor of eco-friendly building technology, in 1996 he decided to work with him to develop the latest in “Green Building Technology”.

 As Chairman and CEO, Ted Baker has established overall policies and procedures to identify strategic areas that are critical for long-term success. He first visited Trinidad & Tobago in 1999 and introduced this revolutionary building system.

 Mr. Baker has served as a consultant and project manager for numerous building projects throughout Trinidad, Tobago and the United States.  He expanded his development ventures to Cape Town, South Africa with the building of a 1 story model home using the Global Green Tech Structures Panels and SureCrete Cladding System.

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Mr. Baker's accomplishments include:
* Major-Mechanical Engineering Tuskegee Institute
* Atlanta Gentrification Commission - 4 years
* Prince Hall Grand Lodge 1963
* A and B license California
* VP, Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles
* Gentrification Task For
ce Chicago, IL
* Founder Los Angeles Chapter 100 Black Men
* Founder of “ The Melrose Association” L. A.

Company History

Global Green Tech Structures foundation was built on over 30 years experience in the construction and real estate development!

Ted Baker’s first venture into the construction and real estate development arena began in 1962 with THE BAKER GROUP of COMPANIES. THE BAKER GROUP of COMPANIES was a national, minority-owned construction and real estate business which was comprised of seven operating companies that provided general contracting, construction management and turn-key development services. TBG client service areas included infrastructure, commercial and institutional and residential projects.

THE BAKER GROUP earned a reputation for excellence by maintaining a reputation for high quality work and relying on their own well-trained and experienced multi-ethnic workforce. The company’s excellence for building reputable teams contributed to every project being completed…on time…within budget…and with exacting attention to details.

Based in Los Angeles, THE BAKER GROUP of COMPANIES was a family-owned business with regional offices in Pennsylvania, Georgia and California. Each office serviced companies in the public and private sector throughout the United States.

Within 4 years THE BAKER GROUP OF COMPANIES became a $61M success!

Construction Management
The company’s strategy and approach was driven by a framework of proven management principles adopted from the Department of Construction Management, California Polytechnic State University, who created the profession of construction management.

Under THE BAKER GROUP of COMPANIES, M&T Plumbing and Sewer focused on infrastructure construction and rehabilitation. Its public works contracts have included waste water, mass transit, transportation terminals and roadway projects

Commercial & Institutional
Under TBGC banner, CINCO Construction, Inc. was responsible for commercial and institutional construction. With a seasoned team of builders, CINCO handled a full spectrum of projects from new construction and total rehabilitations to interior rough and finish carpentry.

Residential Construction

The seed for TBGC was Ted Baker and Associates, Inc. The firm established its niche by rehabilitating and renovating over 1000 inner city low and moderate income single and multi-family housing units in Los Angeles, California. The company built a reputation for quality workmanship that branched out into construction of custom designed luxury single family homes in Los Angeles and Chicago as well as multi-unit residential development and constriction.

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