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Global Green Tech Structures Awarded $1.2B construction contract in Cote d’Ivorie

For over 15 years Global Green Tech Structures has been working with inventor Luther Dickens and the result…. a building panel that combines the strength of steel, with the superior insulating properties of closed cell foam to bring a revolution in construction technology and new technology in concrete cladding systems.

Welcome to the world of Global Green Tech Structures building products!

Steel Insulated Panels – Cutting Edge Technology in Energy Efficiency and Thermal Performance

GGTS building System is a unique process, utilizing the power of composite technology. A structural grade double steel frame with rigid, fire retardant and polystyrene bonded to the steel frame with a heat activated adhesive which produces a light weight composite panel that provides structural framing, insulation, sheathing and a vapor barrier in one hi-tech step
Variations of the GGTS panel have been produced and sold since 1976 around the world. A heavy concentration of them sold as energy efficient solutions for:
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Rapid deployment building systems
  • Coastal area solutions prone to hurricanes
  • Seismic like conditions
  • Extreme hot and cold climates

Our Most Recent Partnership:

Joseph F. Gatt

Joseph F. Gatt
, is owner and strategic advisor for the International Operation of several large companies. He brings over 40 years of international business success as both a corporate executive and owner of several prominent enterprises. Mr. Gatt owns Intercel World, LLC (IW) and GF Solutions LLC (GFS), GFS is focused on acquiring and growing innovative private companies across a variety of sectors, including clean technology, low income housing to include schools, clinics, defense/intelligence, consumer products and healthcare, while IW is in the telecom, internet space. His extensive contacts also involve him in large Country wide infrastructure. His extensive experience was acquired in the aerospace industry, Hotel development and lastly wireless communications. He is widely known as a world-wide cell phone pioneer (honored as a Top 50 Technology Pioneer for Africa for the 20th Century), launching cell phone service to 13 African nations through his Intercellular Companies, and also owns and operates Intercel Telecoms Group, Inc., a global Voice-over-Internet-Protocol technology and service provider serving five continents. His extensive breadth of international success, however, spans well beyond technology innovation and advancement - - in his early career that began in the late 1960’s after receiving his BA from Hunter College in New York City, he became an executive at Pan Am Airways, that also included hotel operations (Intercontinental Hotels); ultimately heading its entire African development. He was President and CEO for Air Zaire. He has developed and owned hotels on the European continent; he is a record-holding pilot in his own right, and also headed operations for the development of several airports. In addition to arranging major international agreements for all the companies he is associated with. Mr. Gatt remains also very active in arranging major international VoIP agreements between large international telecoms and U.S. carrier such as AT&T, either through Intercel or independent firms which engage his services.

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